Z – Not used currently Trade or Cash for your items

Are you in need of some cash or would like to trade your items? Please contact us to let us know about more local places. Here are some local places to help:

Afterward Books
Have books you don’t need anymore? Come trade them in for books you want.  We happily accept children’s and YA titles, cookbooks, art, music, humor,  and history books, graphic novels, home/gardening/crafting, the classics, poetry and plays, science and philosophy titles, and any book that has been published within the last two years.  *Fiction titles (other than children’s and young adult) that have not been published within the last two years will earn you .40 per paperback and $1 per hardcover in store credit.*  ALL books are welcome as long as they are in gently-loved condition.  Sorry, we can’t accept text books or encyclopedias.

Karma Clothing and Accessories
New & Recycled Apparel, Handbags, Fashion Jewelry & Accessories
Buying Tuesday-Saturday 11-4pm No Appointment Needed
We Pay Immediate Cash For Clothing By Season

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