z – Not used – Additional Ideas – helping in your community

Are you interested in helping an organization by holding a charity drive for the organization? Here are some things to think about:

  • Make Flyers, also save the flyer as a PDF file for easy distribution and posting on websites.
  • Collection Sites and Time Period – Allow your drive to last around 2 weeks. Allow enough time for individuals to gather items. Choose a central drop off site. Think about asking a church, bank, or local business to allow donation drop offs
  • Collect seasonal items during the season you are collecting. Such as holding a mitten/glove drive – have during the winter months when individuals could purchase the desired items.
  • Advertise – Hang up flyers in public places, social media, emails, and of course www.collectionconnectionedwardsville.com
  • Send thank you’s to those who helped, include businesses. Post a public thank you on a community website.

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