Sturdy Heavy Hangers – Friday September 25th – EHS Football Game – From EHS Dance Team

The EHS Dance Team will be collecting hangers to support Cinderella Affair. At the Sept. 25 EHS Football game the dance team will have a table for you to drop off your hangers. Please considering donating your used or even new hangers to this cause. Some of the hangers that are needed…. ones with the slits on the top so that they will hold the dress straps up, ones with clips for the strapless dresses, and extra sturdy hangers for the heavy prom dresses. The plain wire hangers do not really serve the job. If you are unable to make the game, please let an EHS Dancer know and they would be happy to come and get hangers from you. The Cinderella Affair also needs dress racks. If you have these, please contact Wanda directly to arrange a pick-up. She also accepts dresses, suits, and accessories of all sizes. 

The Cinderella Affair in an organization in Bunker Hill run by Wanda Lucas that supports middle school and high school students afford to attend their formal dances. She loans them all items and doesn’t charge them anything.

Thank you for supporting the EHS Dance Team’s Community Service project and more importantly, for helping Wanda and the Cinderella Affair make more dreams come true!cinderella affair

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