A Bench for Caps Collection – EHS & SIUE

Donate plastic caps and lids to help us place recycled benches on EHS and SIUE campuses. Acceptable Caps Medicine bottle caps, milk jug caps, detergent caps, hair spray caps, toothpaste tube caps, dedorant caps, drink bottle caps, flip top caps, spout caps, spray paint caps, ointment tube cap Acceptable Lids Cottage cheese container lids, mayonnaiseContinue reading “A Bench for Caps Collection – EHS & SIUE”

Got Candy – Pass it on to a cause

Instead of throwing away your children’s Halloween candy, find a way to pass on locally and help someone in the process. Maybe it will make it less painful to part with the candy? Churches on the Streets STL – Betsy Sawyer is collecting for the homeless you can drop off donations at Wang Gang in Edwardsville. Look for theContinue reading “Got Candy – Pass it on to a cause”